Growlers Shots in Progress

Here are some work in progress shots of Growlers. I am still working on the lighting, however I have been having a lot of fun working in Unreal.

Planning for Growlers

I am starting a new project where I am going to try and recreate Growler's pub in UE4. Yesterday I went out and took a bunch of measurements and made a super rough layout. Probably going to have go back for more, but it's a start.  


Progress On My Echorche

I just finished the muscles of the legs and now I am moving on to the head and neck.

Studying the foot

We were discussing the muscles of the foot today in my echorche class. Here is a page from my notes. Unfortunately my hand writing is not really legible to anyone, but me. 

I just discovered Sketchfab

Here is a hand I was working on and I wanted to try out with Sketchfab. Unfortunately some of my other models are too big to upload.

Ecorche Upper Body Progress

Here is some progress on my ecorche. I just recently finished the upper body muscles and I am about to move on to the legs. Maybe Ill post some videos on my process for blocking out the muscles in the near future.

Skeleton Progress

Here is a skeleton I created as part of a human ecorche I am creating in Zbrush. Ill post more progress on it soon. 

Contempt JunkerBot

Here is a character I have been doodling, thinking about maybe turning him into a 3D model  


Bees and Fractals

Created this thing in photoshop after learning about fractals and finding some fun imagery of Barry the Bee from Bee Movie. I thought it was funny.


I am thinking about doing some inktoberstuff, but I will see what I can make time for.